The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival takes great pride in being a great launching pad for Canada's top new genre films. Here is what our past alumni have said about us:

"Blood in the Snow Film Festival has been an incredible supporter of my work, from shorts to being the Canadian premiere festival for my feature film "Evangeline." The atmosphere is fantastic, there was so much support and attention on the films, but most importantly, the festival has built a real sense of community in the Canadian horror scene. It's clear: the festival organizers love horror films and the filmmakers who make them. BITS connected me with the horror filmmaking community across Canada, and proudly shone a spotlight on our work. One of my favourite indie horror fests, hand's down!"
- Karen Lam (Director of "Evangeline")

"BITS gave me confidence I did not know I was lacking beforehand, the kind that only comes when you are part of an audience, and watching your work alongside them. From that screen I have become obsessed with improving, exploring, and driving my skills and my career forward. Now I am in talks with several TV stations to develop, and all going well produce, documentaries, comedies, and drama's that I have written, researched, and nurtured for over a year since my screening at BITS. I know that the momentum and support I received from BITS, the connections I made, and the sense of achievement I took from the festival, will be a part of whatever success I have in the future."
- Paul Neary (Director of "Old Sanguine")

"The Blood in the Snow Film Festival is unique in Canada. It is a true celebration of canadian genre and independant cinema lead by a bunch of generous fellows. Meeting with other creators from the rest of Canada is a rare opportunity. It gives us a space to develop new projects with like-minded individuals and create new prefessional relationship. I've been to the festival two year in a row; the 1st time with my feature film and the second time only to be part of that amazing event."
- √Čric Falardeau (Director of "Thanatomorphose")

"I've been to festivals all around the world of varying size and pedigree and what makes BITS special, outside of the fact that it rolls out in my home town, is the way they treat filmmakers, encouraging new talent, creating a fun, elegant environment where artists can collude and share their work. They have their act together and they not only care, they seem genuinely enthusiastic. It's infectious. This an A grade show, spotlighting and celebrating films that are far removed from the A list. And best of all, every year it grows and improves."
- Chris Alexander (Director of "Blood for Irina" and "Queen of Blood")

""BITS is easily one of the great genre festivals in Toronto and I was honoured to be a part of it. From promotion to execution of the festival itself it's very well run and you feel you are a part of something special. Will always submit my horror stuff to BITS!"."
- Jon Hyatt (Director of "Woods" and "Return")

"Playing my short film at Blood In The Snow Film Festival was a great way to exhibit my film and reach a vast audience among Toronto cinephiles. Being at BITS the entire festival weekend allowed me to network with numerous other filmmakers from all over Canada, and also utilize the festival's strong press and promotional platforms to get my work out to more even audiences outside of the festival circuit."
- Kyle Hytonen (Director of "Massacre at Femur Creek")


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