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Harvey was an indispensable part of the team from the moment he joined Blood in the Snow in 2013, but in recent years he was more like family. Always there with a kind word and his endless energy, I will miss his smile most of all.

On a personal note, I am glad I was able to help run a fundraiser in 2020 that the entire film community came together to raise over $25,000 to give him a better quality life in his final years. His impact on our lives will be hard to fully measure, but I hope we can live up to his legacy and example of friendship and community service.

He will be forever listed in our program booklet as "Team Member Emeritus" and in our hearts.

Kelly Michael Stewart, Festival Director & Founder

From the moment I met Harvey personally at BITS, I knew right away that we would be good friends. He always had a calm way of making me feel included, and I enjoyed sitting with him at festival after parties and talking about film festivals and just hanging out!

I remember back in the late 90's seeing Harvey volunteering at TIFF screenings that I would attend and I recall his face very distinctly. When I got involved with the festival and met Harvey, I remembered his face right away and was happy to meet him.

Over the years Harvey would share so many insights on film festivals throughout the city, and I was always so impressed by just how much experience and knowledge he had to share!

The festival will never be the same with the loss of Harvey. He was impeccable at what he did, and working Front of House knowing Harvey had it down-- was a privilege. I will never forget Harvey and I am thankfull for our friendship and the time I had to get to know him.

Thank you for being a caring friend, I'm really going to miss you.

Sarah Parrish, Web/Tickets, Front of House, Board of Directors

Our dear friend Harvey was the heartbeat pumping life into the Canadian film community. Always with a smile, and always with a juicy story to tell or a film to recommend.

Every time I saw him he’d tell me I was one of his 2 favourite people he saw that day, but I’m pretty sure he said that to everyone.

Love you Harvey, I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like without you.

Jen Gorman, Board of Directors

Harvey and I met while we both volunteered at TIFF. Over the years we’d catch up at various other festivals and including last year’s BITS. He was one of the friendliest people I have met in this industry. Harvey always made a point to say hello and share one or two updates from his latest cinematic adventures, which more of us could be better at… stop, smile and share a moment.

Thank you Harvey for your contributions to this city’s film festival community and most importantly, for always sharing a moment.

Heidy Morales, Programmer

I normally had two settings when I would have the opportunity to have a heartfelt chat with Harvey at a film festival. The first at a screening entering the doors of the venue and the second at an after screening get together event. In both Harvey had something insightful to say. He taught me something new and I was better for it after the chats.

Going to really miss these opportunities especially the first time I attend a film festival this year expecting to see him as I approach the theatre knowing that he will not be there to spend some time with.

Norm McGlashan, Programmer

I met Harvey in 2014. Over the years, Harvey and I developed a great friendship. One that I shall always cherish. Harvey was authentically a very kind and gentle man. He was always so thoughtful and genuine. A true heroic angle.

Harvey, I’m going to miss our talks and your beautiful surprise messages. You will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Cindy Hinds, Board of Directors

It will be hard not to see Harvey's smile in person again. I was always comforted by spotting him at any given film festival directing moviegoers, often telling them something interesting about that evening's screening. Harvey gave legitimacy to whatever festival he worked for, and seeing him on the first day of BITS always signalled that we were home. My favourite thing about him was when he'd tell you what film or actor he was most eager to see that year. You could see how excited he was, eyes sparkling behind his signature glasses.

Harvey not only put his stamp of approval on events that those in the community were privy to but loved what he did. I hope he knew his huge impact on our lives with his kindness, gentle presence, and genuine love for film. What I do know is that he is resting well, and every time the lights go down for a screening, I’ll imagine him sitting nearby with a smile on his face.

Carolyn Mauricette, Development Coordinator, Programmer & Board of Directors

Dearest Harvey Lalonde, you were one in a million, such a kind and gentle soul. A true icon within the Toronto Film Festival Community, always there welcoming festival goers with a warm smile and a lovely word or two. Just how much you were loved, respected, and adored was made apparent by the outpouring of support online and the amount of visitors you received over the past week.

In a last act of kindness and generosity you saved two lives by donating your organs. That final gesture is so fitting for the type of person you were. Always thinking of others.

My heart is broken by your loss and you are going to be so missed.

Love you Harvey.

Melanie Turner, Programmer

I heard about Harvey before I met him: the legendary volunteer who volunteered at nearly every film festival in Toronto. Somehow he was equal parts local star--with a documentary about him in the works--and very unassuming.

Since then, I've lost track of how many festivals I worked with or volunteered along side Harvey over the past decade. He was so much a part of the Toronto film festival world, so much its heart, that it seems almost impossible now to imagine a single one without him.

This past year, while we were at the volunteer party for ImagineNative, after trying to recruit volunteers to join BITS for me, he asked me why I hadn't scheduled him for more BITS shifts than the three I scheduled everyone for. I told him I was very happy to have him for as many as he wanted to come out for--and he helped just about every shift, scheduled or not. That's how he was, without fail. He always did everything he could to help and to connect people, positions, festivals, and films. He was one of the most genuine people I've known.

I will miss his help and his stories and the almost conspiratorial way he'd tell them. I will miss his birthday and holiday messages and the random movie recommendations he would send. I will miss seeing him at every festival, and his unwavering enthusiasm about films, and how he celebrated everyone's successes with as much joy as he celebrated his own.

Although I'm very sad that he has passed on, I'm in such awe of the impact he has made with his life. In the end, the greatest thing we can wish for is to be remembered with love by those whose lives we've touched and to make the world a better place by being in it and he did both. Even after death, he voluntereed one final time and helped two more people by donating his organs.

Although we now face the bittersweet prospect of working, volunteering, or attending BITS and other film festivals Harvey loved without him, I think he is so ingrained in the festivals and in our memories and hearts, that we will inevitably carry him with us. He will be remembered as that legendary volunteer and everyone's friend for many years to come.

Natalia Lopez, Volunteer Coordinator

The festival community won't be the same without Harvey Lalonde. The world's most prolific film festival volunteer and an uber mensch; Harvey was inescapable. And the world was better for it.

Anais Are, Photographer

We will never forget our dear friend Harvey, film festivals will never be the same without him.